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Relaxing, Beautiful and Affordable. From the moment you enter the reception area you are whisked away from the real world entering a haven of tranquility and serenity. Our professional and diverse providers are passionate about providing you only the highest level of service for your mind, body and soul. This is where Spa meets Aaaah.

60 Min Orange Skye Signature or 

Therapeutic Massage, $79

Orange Skye Signature Massage - This massage combines various massage techniques; Swedish, and Therapeutic, also incorporating hot stones, which helps to reduce soreness and inflammation. It is a vigorous style of massage designed to energize the body and improve circulation. This massage will relax muscles as well as your mind. Hot towels infused with essential oils are added to enhance this treatment.

Therapeutic Massage -  Massage technique that addresses the particular group or areas of the body. 

Used with Cannabis Oil.

House Special Signature Package, $250

For someone who always has time for others, but never a moment for themselves. 1 hour Signature Facial, including whitehead and blackhead removal. Full Body Massage laced with hot stones, Detox Body Wrap, and Foot Detox (4 hours).

Customized Skin Peel w/ Facial, $85

This antioxidant treatment is a must for treating skin. Skin is analyzed to determine which peel is right for you. Peels focus on gently removing dead skin cells to produce a brighter even skin tone, detoxify, reduce pores, and lightens old blemishes. Exfoliate skin with lactic and or alpha hydroxy acids to restore firmness and clear, glowing skin.

60 Min Citrus Body Scrub or Seaweed Clay Body Wrap w/ Steam or Infrared Sauna, $69

Body Scrub - Let us pamper you with our new Spa Collection Sugar Scrub. Your senses will be heightened with the fragrance of citrus as we melt away roughness and soften your skin for those cool sultry evenings. 

Detox Body Wrap - Lose inches with this detoxification treatment it can reduce the appearance of cellulite, creates inch loss, and helps tighten and tone the skin. 1 hour Body wrap treatment will make your body feel lighter. Your body is wrapped in a highly potent Bentonite clay, enhanced with herbs, to naturally detoxify your body.

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